How To Go Forward When You're Feeling Stuck

Get unstuck and get your energy flowing again.

Do you feel stuck, blocked, or burdened? Start turning things around today!

We've all felt that way at some point, and it isn't a good feeling. It can be overwhelming to find yourself stuck in an endless loop and going nowhere. You feel like:

  • you've hit a wall and can't make push through
  • you're wrestling with a situation with no headway
  • you're stuck in a rut; there's a sense of stagnation

If you can relate, you'll love this short course! As you answer some simple but powerful questions, you'll start peeling back the layers to expose what's really going on. A mix of self-reflection and practical steps will help you start clearing the fog.

Expect to come away feeling clearer, lighter, more focused, and with renewed energy flowing through you and propelling you forward!

Your Instructor

Susan Knight
Susan Knight

Welcome! I'm Susan Knight: a certified health, wellness and holistic nutrition coach. I help people take steps to achieve a greater level of well-being in their lives.

Whatever your health and wellness goals, you don't have to tackle things alone. If you're ready to take action, I can provide tools, strategies, and support.

You know where you want to get to; my role is to help you get there successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts and ends whenever you want it to! It's entirely self-paced; feel free to take as long as you like, based on your own personal needs.
How long do I have access to the course?
There is no expiry. You can also download the course handouts to view them offline.
How can I get more health and wellness support from you?
You can visit for additional resources like journaling guides, handouts, blog, etc. Feel free to contact me via to inquire about my one-on-one health/wellness coaching services.

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